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No.50-Incoloy 925 Stud bolt cw heavy hex nut

Quick Details:
Place of Origin:Jianngsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:HDF
Model Number:ch-track bolt-005
Standard:DIN, ISO,JIS,GB,ANSI,BSW,DIN or non standard as customize
Payment terms:30% in advance, 70% before shipment. Samples 100% in advance
Material:Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,steel,aluminum,brass,Zinc Allo,Copper,etc
Length:as your need
Surface Finish:Zn- Plated,Ni-plated,Passivated,Tin-plated,Sandblast and Anodize,etc
Advantages:OEM/ODM service available
Packing:as your request

Railway fasteners constitute wide range of high tensile railway track fasteners that firmly hold the track to the sleepers. We offer high quality Rail Fasteners which include Track Bolts. Besides the standard range for track bolts, we also supply these bolts as per customer specification. We have been supplying track bolts in bulk quantities in highly competitive market.

Product Description:
Bolts, stud bolts threaded bars can be offer as both metric imperial inch sizes with coarse, fine, unc, unf, un, bsw, acme threads with continuous thread, full thread, half thread, tap end thread, double end thread custom end thread configuration can be provided as ptfe, xylan, zinc, teflon, hot dipped galvanizing, etc. Coatings.
Types of coating for alloy, metal and high strength bolts that can be offered as below:
Electro zinc plating
Hot dip galvanizing
Ptfe fluorocarbon coating
Ceramic filled fluorocarbon coating
Nickel plating
Zinc coating
Electro zinc cobalt plating
Electro zinc nickel plating
Phosphate coating
Electro less nickel plating
Electro cadmium plating
Dacromert 320 / 500 coating
Pickled passivated
Silver plating
Chrome plating
Alloy, metal and high strength bolts can be avail in various grade materials of alloy steel, stainless steel, precipitation hardening steel, duplex steel, super duplex steel, inconel, monel, incoloy, hastelloy, titanium, copper alloys, brass alloys, aluminium, gun metal, bronze alloys, etc. As mention below:
Astm a193 grade b7, b8mlcun class 1d, b8r class 1d, b8ta, b8s, b8n, b8pa class 1a, b8s class 1c, b8ma, b8pa, b8mna, b8 class 2, b8mlcun, b8t class 2, b8p class 1d, b8mn class 1b, b8p class 1, b8mlna, b8sa class 1c, 8r, b8mln class 1, b7m, b8mlna class 1a, b8mlna clasa 1a, b8p, b8 class 1d, b8mln, b8c class 1, b8ca, b8ra, b8mlcuna
B8c, b8m2, b8m3 class 2c, b8s class 1d, b8ca class 1a, b8a, b8n class 2, b5
Astm a194 grade 8mna, 4, 16, 8ca, 8s, 8r, 9c, 8ta, grade 6f, 8mlcun, 8lna, 8mlna, 2, 2h, 8n, 8mn, 8ma, 8mlcuna, grade 3, 9ca, 8f, 8m, 8r, 8c, 1, 8pa, 8p, 8, 8na, 2hm, 8ln, 8ra, 8mln, 8fa, 8sa, 7, 8a, 6, 7m
Astm a286 grade 660a, 660b, 660c, 660d
Astm a307 grade a, grade b, grade c
Astm a320 grade b8t class 2, b8m class 1, l71, b8 class 1, l7b, b8a class 1, l72, b8p class 2, b8mlna class 1, b8c class 2, b8t class 1, l73, l70, b8fa class 1, b8f class 1, b8mln, l43, b8c class 1, b8ln, b8ma class 1, b8p class 1, b8ta class 1, b8ca class 1, l7, b8pa class 1, b8ln class 1,b8m class 2, l7a, b8f class 2, b8 class 2, l1, l7m
Astm a325 type 1, type 3a, type 3b, type 3c, type 3d, type 3e, type 3f
Astm a449 type 1, type 2
Astm a453 grade 660a, 665a, 660c, 668b, 660d, 668a, 665b, 662a, 660b, 662b, 651a, 651b
Astm a490 type 1, type 2
Astm a563 grade c3 e, c3 c, dh[d], c3 f, c3 b, a, c3, c3 d, b, c3 a, o, d[c], c, 1
Astm b564 n06035, n10675, n02200, n06059, n08810, n08031, n06690, n06219, n06045, n06686, n06200, n10241, n06025, n06058, n08825, n10665, n10624, n20033, n06625, n08811, n06230, n06210, n12160, n08800, n06617, n06600, n10629, n08367, n06022, n08120, n10276, n04400, n06603, n06110
Astm en 3506-1 c1, a2-80, c4, c3, a4-70, a4-80, a2-70, f1
Astm f1554 type 1, type 2
Astm f436 type 1, type 3
Astm f568 grade 8.8, 4.8, 8.8.3 c, 10.9.3 b, 10.9.3 c, 8.8.3 b, 10.9.3 a, 10.9.3 d, 9.8, 8.8.3 a, 4.6, 10.9.3 c, 5.8, 10.9.3 f, 8.8.3 d, 12.9, 10.9, 8.8.3 f, 8.8.3 e
Astm a593, a594 grade t, p, s, n, a, g, c, e, j, h, b, f, w, v, d, l, m, k, r
Astm 4340 type 1, type 2
Astm 4140 type 1, type 2
Above alloy, metal and high strength bolts can be used for various different applications of engineering, construction, oil field, offshore, shipbuilding, nuclear projects, marine projects, medical, instrumentation, etc.
If any requirements for alloy, metal and high strength bolts kindly do contact us.

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