customized anti loose nut with high quality

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customized anti loose nut with high quality

Material:carbon steel; stainless steel; nonferrous metal

Consist:Main nut:convexnut (lower nut)

Auxiliary nut: concave nut (upper nut)

Application: Suitable for equipmentfixingand fastening

Match with NJMKT mechanical anchors to achieve perfect effect


Anti-loose, anti-vibration, anti-theft, convenient for assembly and disassemble, repeated use

This check nut can lock the bolt tightly by upper and lower nuts with eccentric thread, no loose off during violentshake

The check effect can ensure the safety and reduce maintenance costs

Stable locking force can prevent or postpone the failure ofthebolt and improve the life of whole connection system

The best choice for long-term impact, vibration and time-dependentloading

Instruction guide:

Lock the convex nut (lower nut) according to its locking force firstly, then tighten theconcave nut (upper nut)to lock; dislocate the above marked sign to less than 90 degrees, then it reaches the lock-up effect.

There is noloose off insevere vibration,so itavoids the trouble ofshutdownmaintenance caused bycommon nut loosening.

HPF steadfastly holds on the belief of "product sale is just the first step", takes the / of clients as our starting point, appoints professional workers and technical engineers to inspect on construction site and communicate with construction party to help to detail the designing plan, calculate overloading capacity of reinforcement materials, etc. NJMKT customizes various specifications of products according to every project requirements in the case of without affecting material performance.

In the process of construction, we have authoritative technician team to follow the project for technical support, supply training for construction workers, assist to solve all the problem during the process of installation, offer regular inspection and maintenance after products are put into use...We will try our best to make sure all projects safe and completion on schedule. We bring entire trouble-free process to you. Nanjing Mankate has purchased liability insurance, covered by / An Insurance Company. Security assurance goes a further level.


1.Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

Factory Address:No.3 Jinhua Road, Guli Industrial Park, Jiangning, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China

OfficeAddress:Room306-307, West District of WandaJinjie, No. 291 Shuiximen Road,Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China

Tel:+86 (0)25-86651110 / 4008-945-118


Warmly welcome domestic and international customers to visit us!

2.Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we are. We have our own factoryto manufacturecustomizedproducts according to customers' need. We are special indeveloping andmanufacturing constructions reinforcement materialsformore than tenyears.

3. Is yoursample free?

Yes, our sample is free but the shipping charge will be on your side.

4. How to get the quotation?

We have a full range of products with different sizes and specifications. Pleaseoffer us project information with details,material and sizerequirements of products or send us designing drawingfor our team to makecomplete solutions, then we could supply a most reasonable and favorablequotation for you.

5: What isyourpaymentterms?

Weprefer 100% T/T. For other payment terms we could discuss for every case.

6: How long is the lead time (producing time) ?

It dependsonyourorderquantity andour factoryproduction schedule. Usually we have a large stock of standard size products, and we can arrange and deliver the goods as soon as possible.