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No.109-S31254 A193 B8MLCuN heavy hex nuts

Quick Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: HDF
Type: Hammer Drive Anchor
Material: Steel, Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
Diameter: 76mm
Length: 40-300MM
Capacity: 980Mpa
Standard: Other
Name: hit anchor with flange nut
Other name: super quality hit anchor with flange nut
Diameter range: M8 to M30
Lenght range: 110mm to 380mm
Max Fixture Thickness: 15mm to 60mm
Diameter of Hole: 10mm to 35mm
Min Embedment: 90mm to 280mm
Head Type: Hex/Flat
Finish: Plain,White/Yellwo Zinc Plate

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FAQ about QC:
1.Do you inspect the raw material?
Each batch of materials is carefully tested by inspector on apperance, raw material defects, wire drawing size etc. and the testing result is filed in computer. All the checmical composition as well as material warranty documents of raw materials is spot checked.
2.Do you inspect the goods during the production?
Inspector test each process according to the order and the corresponding product standard, each process has corresponding operation instruction. All the test result is filed in the corresponding computer daily. Mechanical properties are filed in paper documents.
3.How do you control each batch goods?
Statistician keep recording and filing all batch of the incoming products, noted with contract No., model, size, quantity, weight, surface color etc.
4.Will you ship the unqualified goods?
Concerning to abnormal occurrence or unqualified products: Unqualified products processing sheet is reported to QC dept. by inspector. The reworking will be done after QC workers come up with solutions and suggestions.
5.How do you manage your files?
All the documents or customer orders is given out by designated personnel. The drawings and exterior documents are given out and recorded by QC department.
6.Can we get the inspection certificate?
A Unified test report presented by specific worker is delivered together with the finished products.
7.How do you keep your testing equipment?
Ⅰ. Heavy testing equipments: tensile machine, charpy impact tester; hardness tester; thread check gauge, plug gauge, vernier caliper, micrometer, pitch diameter micrometer, dial caliper, digimatic caliper etc. are all sent to be tested and adjusted in qualified professional company for once annually.
Ⅱ. Ring guage is tested and adjusted by proof-reader in company monthly; hardness tester is only applied after the testing by on-duty inspectors each day.
8.What’s the shipping process?
Ⅰ. For LCL cargos, we arrange reliable logistics company to drive them to the forwarder agent’s warehouse.
Ⅱ. For FLC cargos, the container directly go to the Factory loading. Our professional loading workers, accompanied with our forklift workers arrange the loading in good order even on the condition that daily loading capacity is overloaded.
Ⅲ. Our professional data management is a guarantee of the real-time update and the unification to all the electrical packing list, invoice.

Our services:
What kind of products we can offer?
We are the manufacturer of fasteners, so we can offer the goods you need with all size.
What about our factory?
We are one of the biggest trade company in Jiangsu which name "the capital of fastener" in China, and our goods have high quality and reasonable price. And if you are the customer with long cooperation relationship with us, we can also give you some discount. And we welcome your visit all the time.
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