alloy a 286 uns s66286 1.4980 non-standard fasteners

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No.43-ALLOY A 286 UNS S66286 1.4980 non-standard fasteners


Incoloy A-286 Bolts
1)high temperature alloy UNS S66286
2)corrosion resistance
3)good strength and oxidation resistance

The reason why you choose us

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5. High-precision thickness

We guarantee thickness tolerances that cannot be reproduced by competitors.

t <0.30mm Tolerance ±1 - 3 μm guaranteed

0.30 mm≤t Tolerance ± 1% guaranteed

6. complete QC system & Advanced physical and chemical testing center

For each production processing, we have complete QC system for the chemical compostion and

Physical properties. After production, all the goods will be tested, and the quality certificate will be

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9. Reliable certificate (ISO 9001/ROHS/BV/SGS/TUV)

Our products meet the standards, such as ASTM, ASME, AMS, DIN, JIS etc. The third party testing

is available for us.

Product Description

Alloy A-286 is designed for applications requiring high strength and good corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 704 °C. This alloy offers high ductility in notched sections. In fact, the notched rupture strength of alloy A-286 is superior to many other commercial alloys with comparable high temperature properties.

Alloy A-286 is a precipitation hardening alloy with high strength and good corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 704 °C. It is used extensively in the petro-chemical, aerospace and oil field industries, especially for fasteners, stud-bolts

Incoloy A-286 Specification


Incoloy A-286 Chemical composition



A-286Min2413.51.00.001  1.75   0.10 Bal.

Incoloy A-286 Mechanical properties:(Minimum value at 20°C)

Tensile Strength


Yield Strength



σ5 /%


Incoloy A-286 Standard