904l / 254smo / / al6xn stainless steel fastener hex socket bolt

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904l / 254smo / / al6xn stainless steel fastener hex socket bolt

Product Description

Bolts: It is comprised of head and screw rod (cylinder with external thread), and should be used together with a nut, to connect the assembled parts with through-hole. This means of connection is called bolt connection.

We can manufacture various 904l / 254smo / / al6xn stainless steel fastener hex socket bolt which meet the GB, DIN, ANSI, JIS and ISO standard. We support customized and can also manufacture OEM-28 automobile parts according to drawing.

Our fasteners have various stypes, such as Bolts, Screws, Studs(Threaded rods), Nuts, Washers, Rivets, Non standard Products, Precious parts, stampling, Casting parts, etc.

Product parameters

Product Name  904l / 254smo / / al6xn stainless steel fastener hex socket bolt
Size Diameter: M1-M100        Length: 2mm-3000mm
Material Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Ti,brass, Al, Mg
Grade 2, 4, 4.8, 5, 6, 6.8, 8, 8.8,10.9,12.9,14.9
Finsh Zinc plate (white,blue,yellow,black), Zn/Ni plating, Mechanical zinc  plating, Cr3+, black oxide, Ni plate, brass plate, electrophoresis,  dacromet, hot-dipped galvanized, positive electrode oxidization, etc.
The Most Precise Tolerances  That GuJietong Can Process 1) Shaft diameter below 6mm and maximum pore size tolerance up to  0.003mm

 2) Shaft diameter larger than 6mm and pore size tolerance is 0.005mm

 3) Linearity below 100mm distance etc, tolerance is up to 0.005mm

 4) 100mm or more distance linear tolerance is up to 0.01mm

 5) A form tolerance is up to 0.003 - 0.005mm

 6) Position tolerance is up to 0.01mm

Production Equipment 1) CNC Machining Center;

 2) CNC Lathe;

 3) CNC Milling Machine;

 4) Precision Cutting Machine

Measuring Instruments and  Equipment 1) micrometer

 2) smooth plug gauge

 3) thread gauge

 4) Image measuring instrument

 5) Coordinate Measuring Machine

 6) Roughness tester

 7) routine inspection of calipers

Preferred Drawing Formats JPEG, PDF, CAD, IGS, STP
Preferred Industries 1) Communication Equipments

 2) Medical Equipments

 3) Photo electricity Equipments

 4) Auto Industry

 5) Mechanical Equipments

 6) Other customized Parts

Our advantages Small MOQ can be accepted


 Free samples can be provided within 1-2days if from stock.


 Samples will be send to customers for quality confirmation before  shipping and steel certificate and inspection report can be provided!


Other services are consulted in  dealing If you have any inquiry, just feel free to contact and let me know  which exactly item(type) you need, I will do my best to service

Production Process

From the raw materials to the finished products, we can satisfy customers' requirements by high quality products and best services by means of scientific and reasonable layout of the plant, advanced automatic manufacturing equipment and digital management.


From raw materials to end product delivery, it has a strict control program. Accurate completion is done about

Standard parts: wiring- roughing – annealing- pickling - drawing – heading(cold forging or hot forging) – threading(rolling) - heat treatment -surface treatment –cleaning –inspecting-packaging

Customization parts: heading, stamping or casting-wire cut edm machine -CNC (machining center) -grinder threading(rolling) - heat treatment -surface treatment –cleaning –inspecting-packaging.

Inspection equipment

Laboratory currently has the calliper, micrometer, depth and height gauge, thread gauge, plug and ring gauge, tension and torque gauge, hardness tester, salt spray tester, Film thickness tester, desktop direct- reading spectrometer, metallographic analyzer, carbon sulfur analyzer, multifunctional electrolysis thickness gauge, spectroscope, projector, hydraulic tensile tester, automatic screening machine, magnetic detection machines and a variety of specialized testing equipment.

We aslo can provide series control plan document, such as incoming material quality control(IQC), in-process quality control(IPQC), statistical process control(SPC), final QC(FQC), Faliure mode & effect analysis (FMEA), PPAP.

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We always supply the better price on the same quality level, and try our best to save the client’s every cent.

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Every year, our company will develop the new products to meet the market need.

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As we have a favorable frame and stable quality control, our products can be found in nearly all continents. 23 years of manufacture & export experience, deliver goods by different means: truck, rail and sea containers.

(5) We have enough stock in warehouses with abundant capital. We offer 24-hour services.

(6) We have professional system and rich experience to control the quality, Every process will be checked by our quality inspection department which insures every product's quality.

(7) Professional packing teams which keep every packing safely.

(8) Samples can be provided as your requirements,we can provide customer samples we have for free,and make the customized ones with lowest charge.